British Platinum The Queen’s Beasts

  • Introduction: 2017
  • Platinum Fineness: .9995
  • Tax Status: No sales tax or VAT
  • Mint: Royal Mint
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Buy British Platinum The Queen’s Beasts coin online. The Queen’s Beasts coins are British coins issued by the Royal Mint in platinum, gold and silver since 2016. The Platinum Queens bullion coin series, introduced in 2017, celebrates the British Monarchy and the centuries of fascinating heraldry that has been part of their story. The beasts in the series are: The Lion of England, the Griffin of Edward III, the Red Dragon of Wales, the White Greyhound of Richmond, the Black Bull of Clarence, the Falcon of Plantagenets, the Yale of Beaufort, the White Lion Mortimer, the White Horse of Hanover and the Unicorn of Scotland.

All the Queen’s Beasts have been fashioned into 1 t/oz .9995 fine platinum coins. The first coin to be produced was the Lion of England coin. It has a diameter of 32.69 millimeters and a thickness of 2.2 millimeters. With its reeded edge, the coin has a gross weight of 31.21 grams. The coin has a monetary denomination of 100 pounds.

The obverse of The Queen’s Beasts coin, designed by Jody Clark, featured the effigy of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. She faces the right profile of the coin wearing the crown she wore on her coronation. The initials of the designer, “J.C”, are engraved below the image of Queen. Encircling the effigy is the text “ELIZABETH II • D • G • REG • F • D • 100 POUNDS •” from the top-right side of the coin, in a clockwise direction. The initials on the text stand for ‘Dei Gratia Regina Fidei Defensor’ which translates to: By the Grace of God, Queen, Defender of Faith.

The reverse of the coin features a stylized rendition of the beast, the lion, standing on its hind limbs while holding a shield by its left forelimb. The beast is surrounded by the text “LION OF ENGLAND • 1 OZ FINE PLATINUM • 999.5 • 2017” from the bottom-left side of the coin to the bottom-right side of the coin. Below the shield, on the bottom-right side, the initials of the designer “J.C” are inscribed. You can buy British Platinum The Queen’s Beasts coin online free of VAT and sales tax.

Additional information


The Royal Mint

Country of Origin

United Kingdom

Pure Platinum Content

1 Troy oz


Queen's Beasts


62.42 gm




38.61 mm


99.95% pure platinum