Isle of Man Platinum Noble

  • Manufacturer: Pobjoy Mint
  • Denominations: 1 Noble
  • Purity: 99.95%
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One of the earliest platinum coins to be introduced to the world was the Isle of Man platinum Noble coin. It is a legal tender coin that was minted by Pobjoy Mint in Surrey, UK from 1983 to 1989. Any collector and investor with a keen sense of the bullion market dynamics will avidly grab the Isle of Man Platinum Noble since the coin offers an attractive array of advantages. One of these is the coin was minted and guaranteed as to weight and purity by a sovereign country and is accepted and recognized as a world standard.

The Isle of Man has been inhabited since around 6500 BC but the first known civilization was introduced in the 9th century when Viking horsemen formed the Kingdom and Norway’s King Magnus ruled as the figurehead. The obverse of the coin features Queen Elizabeth II and the date of mint. The reverse of the coin features an early Viking ship, the 1 oz weight of the coin and the denomination, One Noble. Each of the Isle of Man Platinum Noble coins features a Brilliant Uncirculated grade. Coins bearing the BU mark of excellence exhibit no signs of tear and wear, though the collector can notice a minor flaw such as a break in lustre, minor contact mark or a slotted surface.

The Isle of Man Platinum Noble is readily accepted in your Individual Retirement Account because of its quality minting standards. Another plus is the Popjoy Mint in Surrey produced a significant number of the bullion coins so the premium over spot became low and attractive to those who only wished for a bullion investment. This being a pure platinum coin with no alloys, it enables investors to diversify their precious metal holdings and work out total value easily. Investors are happy with the platinum bullion investment opportunities unlike gold since there exists no Central Bank Reserves of platinum besides the precious metal has many industrial uses. Currently, the only notable producers of platinum are Russia and South Africa and even production at these sources remains in deficit.

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Isle of Man




Pobjoy Mint


1 Noble