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Noble Gold Review

Setting up your Gold IRA should be something you have to do only once in a lifetime; therefore, it is worth spending the time to make sure you are doing it alongside the right company. Though a precious metals IRA is self-directed, the right Gold IRA company will help you to roll over your funds into a precious metals IRA effortlessly and ensure you’re jumping through all the legal loops to protect your money and grow your investment, too.

Noble Gold is one company you could choose to register your Gold IRA with. You could set up a Gold IRA or Silver IRA, and you can invest in platinum and palladium too. They offer what they call ‘survival packs’, which come at various price points and sizes, including a range of gold and silver coins and bullion selected by the client, which should maintain value and reduce the risk of losing value on any investment.

There seem to be huge benefits to investing with Noble Gold, but, like any company, there are drawbacks to be wary of too. So, here is everything you need to know about the company before pursuing a Gold IRA with them.

Who Is Noble Gold?

Noble Gold is a precious metals investment service provider that was established in 2016. The company deals with Gold and Silver IRAs but also with buying coins and bullion outside of an IRA.

The company was set up by financial experts and friends Charles Thorngren and Collin Plume as they believed there was a gap in the precious metals market for an honest, easy and clear way of investing. They pride themselves on running a truthful and honest company that ensures its customers are fully informed on how their investment operates. Rather than being pushy and focusing on sales, the company intends to focus on the customer experience.

They also boast that they are the first and only company that stores gold in Texas. This appeals to investors due to Texas’ state laws and the fact that they do not have to store their metals in the Delaware depository. However, Noble Gold does only provide their customers with three different depositories to choose from, whereas some other precious metals companies offer numbers in the double figures.

Investing in a Gold IRA with Noble Gold

Setting up a Gold IRA with Noble Gold is quick and easy. The first step is completing an online form yourself, and then a representative will call you to help finish the application. Be sure to discuss costs over the phone before signing anything to ensure that the figures are exactly what is quoted on the website.

A Noble Gold representative will then speak with you about the precious metals you would like to invest in. If you feel that you are not well-informed enough to make these decisions, their staff can guide you on this. They will also ensure that the metals you are investing in are approved by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for IRA investments.

Then, Noble Gold will help you fund your IRA with cash or by rolling over funds from another IRA. This should all be done within a few days.

Once this money is transferred, the company will purchase the agreed precious metals at one of their depositories in Delaware, Texas, or Ontario, Canada. You can choose which depository your precious metals are stored within, and your metals will be kept in segregated storage.

When it comes to cashing in your investment, the company is happy to ship your precious metals quickly and safely to you at home or buy back any precious metals from you. This makes accessing your funds simple and stress-free.

  • Excellent no-quibble buyback program
  • Competitive prices of precious metals
  • Fast registration process
  • Reasonable minimum investment
  • Consistently positive reviews
  • Newer company than its competitors
  • Limited storage facility options

Noble Gold customer reviews and complaints

Though Noble Gold is a relatively new business on the precious metals scene, their customer reviews are hard to beat. Customers appear to rave about their friendly staff, who made their investment a special and memorable moment. Everything appears to be handled for you after a couple of phone calls and simple forms. Many customers mention how they knew nothing about precious metals before investing with Noble Gold and praise the patient staff for taking the time to teach them how the markets worked and why investing in precious metals would be a good decision.

These positive customer reviews have resulted in Noble Gold being rated highly by review sites. Better Business Bureau rate Noble Gold an A, and Trustlink give them 5/5 stars based on 123 ratings. Business Consumer Alliance gives the company a BB. They have rated 5/5 stars on their site, but this is based on only four reviews, so perhaps BCA believes that Noble Gold is too new of a company to be rated any higher than that.

Negative customer reviews

Noble Gold does have one negative customer review on Business Consumer Alliance, which likely also contributes to their BB rating. In May 2021, a customer filed a complaint stating that the amount put in her account was $500,000 less than she expected, which Noble Gold informed her was due to the spot price of gold. The customer asked to cancel her account, which the comapny agreed to. She states that she was not aware that the amount she invested would change based on the spot price and feels as though she was not fully informed when setting up her IRA.

This customer complaint has not been answered on Business Consumer Alliance, though it cannot be confirmed whether it has been sorted in private. The main thing to take from this is to ensure you have researched Gold IRAs and spoken to multiple companies to guarantee that what you are being offered is standard procedure. The vast majority of the company’s customers do not feel dissatisfied like this one, but it is worth paying attention to any reason, big or small, why a client would not invest with a company again.

Noble Gold precious metal services

As mentioned above, Noble Gold does offer various precious metal services. You can choose between a Gold or Silver IRA, a Royal Survival Pack, or investing in collector’s coins. You can invest in platinum and palladium coins, as well as some rare coins, which are verified, graded, and certified. Which investment you choose to go for might depend on your interest in particular coins, whether you’re looking for a long-term investment or looking to maintain the value of your investment during economic fluctuations.

The variety in their precious metal services means that investors can choose an investment based on how much of their retirement fund they wish to dedicate to precious metals. This makes them a much more accessible company than many other IRA providers, some of whom insist upon a $20,000 minimum deposit in an IRA.

The cost of opening and running a precious metals IRA with Noble Gold

Noble Gold does not charge anything to open a precious metals IRA. Instead, you will pay an annual fee of $80 to maintain your Gold IRA and an additional $150 annual fee if you wish to store your precious metals in Delaware or Texas. To avoid this cost, you can choose to store your precious metals in their Ontario, Canada depository. Whichever storage option you choose, you pay for segregated storage, so your investment is kept separately from other investors’ gold.

The company does not disclose an exact minimum IRA investment on their website. However, it seems as though their minimum for a Gold or Silver IRA is $2000, and $5000 for survival packs, which contain a mixture (chosen by you) of different gold and silver coins and bullion. This $2000 or $5000 investment is significantly less than the minimum required to invest with other precious metal IRA companies. They boast competitive prices on their precious metals; therefore, Noble Gold seems to be one of the more affordable Gold IRA providers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Investors must do due diligence and ask questions about IRA investments. Some of the Frequently Asked Questions include:

Should You invest with Noble Gold?

Overall, Noble Gold is a great company choice if you are looking to invest in precious metals. If you are looking for a more affordable way to open a Gold IRA, Noble Gold provides this while maintaining an excellent customer care level.

Noble Gold has only been running for five years; therefore, they have less experience than some of their competitors. There is one negative complaint online from a customer who did not feel fully informed by Noble Gold about the costs and risks of investing in gold. To avoid any similar occurring, be sure to read through their reviews and speak to multiple precious metal companies over the phone about costs and services they offer.

Otherwise, the company’s range of precious metal services should ensure that you can invest in precious metals in a way that suits you. Their quick set-up process and buyback program make the beginning and end of your investment as easy as possible, and the hundreds of positive reviews suggest that people have no regrets about choosing to invest with Noble Gold.