Isle of Man Palladium America’s Cup Challenge

  • Manufacturer: Singapore Mint
  • Mintage: 5,000
  • Date of Issue: 1987
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America’s Cup Challenge was held in Gage Roads during the Australian summer months between October 1986 and February 1987. The Isle of Man Palladium America’s Cup Challenge coin was struck under the authorization of the Government of Western Samoa and approved by the Royal Yacht Club in Perth.  The 1 oz Isle of Man Palladium America’s Cup Challenge Coin features a yacht in action.

A challenge coin is a nearly 100 years old military tradition that gradually assimilated into popular culture. It is a medallion bearing an organization’s emblem or insignia and is carried by members of the organization at all times. In addition, challenge coins are also collected and traded by supporters and members of the organization and other groups. If challenged, a member of the organization must produce his coin immediately or pay the consequences of losing the challenge, usually a round of drinks of the group’s preferred choice.

Besides using the coins for challenging, they can be used as awards or rewards for outstanding performance while on duty, making them the perfect tool to build morale. Military officials regularly issue them to non-military personnel for outstanding service or rewards. This tradition began with American Special Forces during the Vietnam War. As officers were reassigned and their careers progressed, officials introduced the tradition of awarding a unit coin (Isle of Man Palladium America’s Cup Challenge coin for example) for recognition of noteworthy acts of valor and merit.



Additional information

Country of Origin

Isle of Man




Singapore Mint

Pure Palladium Content

1 Troy oz






America Cup Challenge