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Regal Assets Review

No matter how much you might know about precious metal IRAs, you will require the assistance of a company to register and enact your investment. For an IRA account, you must register with a IRA accredited firm and they can help purchase and store your precious metals in a depository.

Regal Assets is one of many IRA gold firms you could choose to register with. They oversee the buying and storing of precious metals and cryptocurrency and are one of the best-known firms in the industry.

However, just because they are well-known does not mean you should rush into setting up your precious metals IRA with them. Be sure to consider various company’s costs, reputations and services before you apply to set a precious metals IRA.

To see if Regal Assets is the best Gold IRA company for you to invest with, here is everything you need to know about the company.

Who Are Regal Assets?

Regal Assets is a global alternative assets firm established in 2009. The company specializes in the facilitation of gold and Bitcoin IRAs. They also deal with metal home deliveries.

After working as an account executive for a gold dealer in the U.S, Tyler Gallagher launched his precious metals IRA operation: Regal Assets (RA). Gallagher initially operated the company single-handedly. Today, the company is a multinational with branches in the U.S, Canada, London, Dubai, and Australia.

Contrary to the traditional stock market, Regal handles the buying and selling of precious metals such as gold, silver, palladium, and silver. Regal Assets is considered to be among the market leaders in alternative assets and crypto. These products are available to any interested individual, regardless of their experience level. The company has been offering Gold IRAs since 2013 to assist investors in protecting and maximizing their investments.

There are several reasons why you should invest in Gold IRAs, such as:

  • Stability: Dealing with precious metals is safer than stocks because their value appreciates with time. This way, you can build your wealth over time.
  • Tax: Gold IRA profits are tax-free.
  • Gold IRAs have evident diversification, protecting your investment from inflation, financial crisis, and other factors.

If you are interested in a Regal Assets Gold IRA account, you first complete an online form. A member of the team will contact you and guide you through the process. There are some costs when you open a Gold IRA. Regal Assets has liaised with its vault storage partner for low rates. Some of the fees involved are:

  • An annual administrative fee of $90 after the first year, though there are no administrative or set-up costs for the first year,
  • A yearly storage fee of $125 through Brinks Segregated vault storage.

When making a storage fee comparison, ask what type of vault storage you are paying for. Regal Assets offers its clients segregated vault storage for a similar annual fee that their competitors charge for non-segregated vault storage. The account representative should help you decide the best storage option.

Investing in a gold IRA with Regal Assets

Gold IRAs are a good investment option for people who want to diversify their retirement funds into unique investments. The investment process is easy on Regal Assets:

  • Account opening: The team will call you to discuss the available options.
  • Funds rollover- You have a choice to transfer part or all your funds into your newly opened Regal Assets IRA, with a minimum of $5,000 required for setting up the account for tax-exempted accounts and a $10,000 starting balance.
  • Choose your metals- You can now choose the coins and bars you wish to hold in the IRA account.

You have to provide your identification before opening the account. The company will assist you with IRA custodians while opening your account. The firm will send you a free investment guide, a free Forbes issue, and a DVD to tell you more about your investment choice when the account is ready, but within 24 hours. RA has completed account transfers and IRA rollovers running into hundreds of millions.

  • Flat fee regardless of how your investment grows
  • Offers precious metal and cryptocurrency services
  • Quick shipping and processing
  • Multiple storage options
  • Impressive reviews and ratings
  • Precious metal packages start at $5000
  • A minimum deposit of $25,000 is required for your retirement account
  • Lack of clarity online with pricing of metals

Regal Assets customer reviews and complaints

As per the BCA (Business Consumer Alliance), Regal Assets received its highest AAA rating accolades. There have been no complaints so far on BCA, which registered RA in 2009. This is an outstanding performance in comparison with other companies in the same business. Most customer reviews are extremely positive and give an average of 5 stars rating.

On Trustlink, Regal Assets has received more than 1000 reviews, with most of them positive and giving 4.5/5 stars. The customers rated the company as very easy to work with. The names of a few individuals in the company appear several times.

The company’s employees appear to be patient with their clients, who are most cautious about whether they should invest in gold or not. Some of the clients who sent feedback had encountered losses previously and were wary about investing in gold. Several customers indicated they had lost their funds due to other firms’ poor advice or market fluctuations.

Regal Assets is BirdEye verified, with more than 1,500 clients who have reviewed the company and given an average rating of 4.9 stars. The company ranked 20 out of 500 companies in the U.S for financial planning services.

Negative customer reviews

Only eight negative complaints have been registered with BBB (Better Business Bureau) in the last three years. Six of these complaints were solved and closed in the past year. The complaints were caused mainly by shipment delays and miscommunication when clients did not receive emails.

Out of over 1080 reviews on Trustlink, only two were negative, with BirdEye getting eight 1-star and three 2-star reviews from 1460 reviews. This is a complaint rate of 0.06%. BBB does not credit RA as the company chooses not to be a member.

The overwhelming amount of positive feedback about Regal Assets’ services proves the company’s professionalism in an industry where trust and responsibility are paramount.

Regal Assets precious metals services

Regal Assets offer its clients the option of buying precious metals and delivering them to their homes. However, in this article, we are focussing primarily on their Gold IRA services. Some Gold IRA companies have narrowed their products to the more popular gold and silver. RA offers the full range of metals allowed in an IRA: gold, silver, palladium, platinum bars, and metal coins.

Some of the products they offer include:

  • Gold IRA: The company offers you Gold IRA planning and offers their clients guidance on gold investments and the available options.
  • Silver, palladium, and platinum IRA: If you choose to invest in silver, palladium, and platinum, RA experts will guide you through the entire process.
  • Basic IRA planning: the experts at RA guide clients on Roth and Traditional IRA basic account opening and ensure you understand the rules and requirements.
  • 401k rollover: Regal Assets offers client rollover services for those who want to transfer their 401k into precious metal accounts.

The cost of opening and running a precious metals IRA with Regal Assets

For the first year after opening an IRA, you do not pay any storage or administrative fee. After that, you pay $100 for admin and $150 for segregated storage, meaning that your precious metals will be stored separated from other investors’. Regal Assets do not charge you any money for regular and taxable accounts.

For the first year, there is no storage or admin fee. After that, they charge $150 per year for segregated storage and $100 for administration.

Regal Assets does not charge any fees for regular taxable accounts, and there are no annual fees, start-up costs, or storage fees. Your IRA must have a $5,000 minimum investment for a tax-exempt account. You also need a $10,000 starting balance.

Regal Assets gives you a quote that is inclusive of all fees plus delivery charges. An account executive gives you a run-down of the expenses that can only change if you lock or accept the price, regardless of the precious metals market fluctuations.

Most Regal Assets competitors charge their clients scaled fees bases on the clients’ accounts values. However, RA only charges a flat $80 fee for admin and a storage fee of $180. With time, this benefit may accrue as the scaled fees rise with your portfolio’s increase. For an IRA investment worth over $10,000, the RA flat fees are not applicable until the following year. This is because the company waives the set-up fee and the first-year storage and admin fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Investors must do due diligence and ask questions about IRA investments. Some of the Frequently Asked Questions include:

Should You invest with Regal Assets?

Regal Assets have unbeatable customer reviews and very competitive set-up costs if you want to invest in precious metals. They’ve been in the business a long while and appear to look after their clients very well.

It is worth considering their competitors to see whether another company is more suited to your investment. Still, for most investors, Regal Assets provide all the help you could require when setting up a precious metals IRA. As they said, their retirement team will do all the hard work. You only need to fill in a form online to let them know how they can help you begin investing in precious metals.