Australian Platinum Platypus

  • Manufacturer: Perth Mint
  • Fineness: .9995 fine Platinum Content
  • Mintage: 30,000
  • Face value: AUS$100
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When it comes to analyzing the Australian Platinum Platypus, it’s important to take note of several factors about platinum prices and platinum uses. The price of the Australian Platinum coin has always been higher than the average gold coin even though platinum uses have not been as extensive as gold. The spot price of platinum has been historically higher because of supply and demand and as a result, its coins and other products fetch good returns in the investment market.

In addition to minting coins, Australian platinum is used in catalytic converters for automobiles, as a catalyst in processing vegetable oils and petroleum products. Platinum is also used in dental procedures, medical instruments and electrical accessories. So when you consider platinum bullion and the 1 oz of the coin, it is important to appreciate how the spot price of this metal is supported by many industrial applications. As a result, many collectors consider the Australian Platinum Platypus a good investment option that will retain its value during turbulent trading times. The beautiful detailing of the Australian platypus also adds numismatic value to the coin especially when used as commemorative items and often have been more worth than gold.

The Platypus features a beautiful matte blast finish with Queen Elizabeth II at the front. The reserve features the web-footed platypus as it swims underwater and states the coin’s weight as 1 oz and .9995 purity including the date. The coin competes well with other platinum bullion like the Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf and is popular with collectors because it is guaranteed as to purity and weight by the Perth Mint and is readily accepted as a world standard. This enables dealers to post daily and sell prices on the beautiful 1 oz coins which track the global platinum prices.

In addition, the Platinum Platypus 1 oz trades for a small premium and its legal tender status is guaranteed by a sovereign country. However, the premium over spot continues to remain low because the Mint produced a significant number. In spite of this the coin allows investors to diversify their holdings and figure value easily.

Additional information


The Perth Mint

Country of Origin





15.560 gm

Pure Platinum Content

0.50 Platinum




25.10 mm


99.95% pure platinum


$50 AUD