Russian Palladium Ballerina

  • Manufacturer: Leningrad Mint
  • Purity of .999 Palladium
  • Face value: 10, 25 Roubles
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One of the reasons Russia produced significant quantities of palladium coins is because the country is a major palladium producer. The country produces 40 percent of the world’s supply making the production of palladium coins a national source of pride from the country’s natural resources. If you own a Russian Ballerina Palladium Coin, you can sense the connection to the country’s artistry and industry. All Russia’s coins are a stunning example of how to mix the love of ballet, coin collecting, and history.

If you’re searching for a cultural legacy of the former Soviet Union, buying a palladium ballerina coin can be challenging due the limited years of mintage and also low volume. Though the palladium ballerinas carry a high premium price of Palladium, the adventure of looking for them and ultimately proudly displaying them in your collection is priceless. The search itself highlights the value of striving for excellence by displaying a ballerina portraying one of the iconic dancers from the famous ballet. The obverse features Princes Odette, the leading ballerina in Tchaikovsky’s ballet, Swan Lake. The ballet premiered in Moscow in 1877 to rapturous success. It continues to draw huge crowds to this day. In addition to the ballerina, the words “RUSSIAN” and “BALLET” appear on opposite sides of the coin but in Russian characters.

Minted in 1989 by the Soviet Union, they remained in production until 1995. Many collectors value the Russian Palladium Ballerina coins because they remind them about a country that was once a world superpower. One of the coins minted in 1989 shows a ballerina in what is known as the Eighth position or the B-Plus position. It depicts the long lines of the ballerina en pointe and is sure to marvel collectors searching for truly unique coins that celebrate the finer details of the Russian ballet. The coins pack every penny of their weight in Palladium and carry a higher premium for numismatic value and rarity than more common coins.

The back of the coin features the national emblem of the former state, a hammer and a sickle surrounding a globe amid a field of wheat. The letters CCCP are shown below. CCCP represent the old abbreviate of the Soviet Union. In addition, the face value and date of manufacturer are also engraved on the Russian Palladium Ballerina coin. Due to the low mintage, the coin is a rare collectible that is guaranteed to diversify any portfolio.

Additional information

Country of Origin



10 Roubles, 25 Roubles




Leningrad Mint

Pure Palladium Content