Buy Irish Silver Coins Online

These days, it is possible to buy precious metals from all over the world online. This means that investors have an overwhelming choice of coins in various metals to select from. This page aims to highlight the best Irish Silver Coins to show both new and experienced investors what Ireland has to offer. So let’s take a look at Ireland’s silver coins.

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Investment Grade Irish Silver Coins

The Irish silver coins here have been minted by the Dublin Assay Office, which has been in operation since 1637. These coins do not attract any sales tax or VAT when bought online, meaning that they can be accessed by investors worldwide and are therefore traded frequently. We have prioritized drawing your attention to the highest quality silver coins from Ireland, as we believe that these will keep your investment safest due to the high demand for these pure metals.

Popular Silver Coins from Ireland

The most popular silver coin from Ireland is the Irish Silver Shamrock which debuted in 2015. Its production was limited, and it is believed to be a lucky charm by some. It is also a popular coin with investors due to its 99.99% purity and its impressive finish. Despite these factors, the coin is still relatively affordable, meaning that it is often bought by new investors who do not wish to spend too much on precious metals at once.

Buying Silver Coins from Ireland

For those considering adding silver coins to their portfolio, Irish silver coins are worth a serious look. These coins are high-quality, inexpensive, and popular with investors and collectors alike. When buying coins online, you must buy from reputable sites, like those linked to on this page. To guarantee your funds will remain safe, you must invest in authentic precious metals such as these coins.